Green New Year’s Resolution

In consultation with a number of progressive and environmental activists and organizations and two progressive members in the state legislature, the Delaware Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America have developed the following Green New Year’s Resolution for members of the Delaware General Assembly to endorse and to demonstrate their commitments among their fellow Delawareans and legislative colleagues. We ask you to join us as a sponsoring organization before we present it to our legislators.

Whereas the people of Delaware have elected us, their legislators, to place the interests of their well-being and that of the planet at the forefront of our actions, and

Whereas confronting the climate crisis, an existential threat to humanity, has been impeded by the short-sighted interests of powerful economic players, and

Whereas the New Year is traditionally a time to take stock and re-commit ourselves to the environment and the home of our constituents and ourselves,

Therefore, we members of the Delaware General Assembly do solemnly affirm and commit ourselves to the following Green New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Support a Green Amendment to the Delaware Constitution, which would grant all people, including future generations, the right to clean air and water, a stable climate, and a healthy environment.
  • Support House Bill 259, requiring use of the emergency alert system to inform people of catastrophic releases of toxic pollutants.
  • Support legislation requiring agencies to assess the potential cumulative impacts on proposed industrial and development action and to mitigate the aggregated effects of environmental and human health hazards on Delawareans, especially the poor, the working class, and others most affected due to geographic location. 
  • Support renewed funding for Open Space programs and Farmland Preservation.
  • Support legislation to disallow Emission Reduction Credits in overburdened communities 
  • Support robust compliance monitoring of state agencies with either an Inspector General or State Environmental Justice Board
  • Ensure that PFAS settlement funds are managed equitably, effectively, and transparently. 
  • Reject campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests, including banks that fund fossil fuel projects.